Welcome to Temp Smile

Temp Smile is a cosmetic, temporary denture with a difference, an affordable solution for a missing tooth or teeth for those weeks or potentially months while waiting for a permanent fix. The innovative design is easy to fit, comfortable and crafted to replicate your teeth precisely, unique to their shape, size and even colour. Temp Smiles aim to get the mouthpiece to you in just five to ten days, making it possible for you to go about your day to day tasks without feeling self-conscious about your "gappy" appearance of missing teeth or embarrassing whistling, lisping or salivation on any important event or at work. Whether teeth have decayed or been knocked out, this piece truly is universal for any kind of gap. Clear and invisible, it can restore your smile reliably, effectively and consistently throughout the day.

Why Use Temp Smile?

  • A quick and easy cosmetic solution for a missing tooth.
  • Our unique clear support matrix vanishes making it
    virtually invisible.
  • Clear, flexible and ultra thin, easier to adjust to compared to
    traditional thick bulky denture plates.
  • The ideal short term answer to an embarrassing gap.
  • All from the comfort of your home, no dental visit, no appointment
    and time off work.

How Do I Get My Temp Smile?

  • Order your temp smile impression kit.
  • On receipt take your impression
  • Choose your colour
  • Pop it all in the post
  • 10 days later your Temp Smile will arrive
  • Wear with a broad grin



The Impression Kit